Thursday, February 5, 2009

Friends from Australia

We were privileged to have visitors from Australia this past week, and even though we only got to spend one day with them, we packed all we could into it. The best thing next to our visit to Temple Square, was to see them trying all the American food at Chuck-a-rama. They use words like lovely, nice, and beautiful to describe the food. I sure love them! Costco was a fun experience for them, too. They have nothing like these things in Australia! And Braxton had never seen snow, so you can imagine his excitement when he looked out the door at church on that snowy Sunday, and found it coming down! They had a wonderful time!

Ok, so here are the latest photos from St. George. One is Ty on his b-day, and the others are from Miriam's shower. Note the "baby shower" with Jordyn and Sawyer. Someone from Lisa's work made it for her work shower, so we put the babies in and they were so cute. We really had a good time in sunny St. George. My favorite parts were driving with Dar & Britt and Sawyer (he was such a good traveler), tending all the cute babies (Lori, Lisa's sister had her 9-month-old Caelin there, too), and the warm sunshine! Jordyn is 7 months old and Sawyer is 6 months old.