Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thankful Thanksgiving

Nov. 21: Had a great day and the opportunity to go with Dar & Brad to see Paul’s team win the state football tournament. It was so fun! We rode Trax up to the Rice-Eccles Stadium and back. It was so-o-o crowded and took forever, but it was still fun. The weather was cold, but we were bundled up and so kept reasonably warm. The game caused some fretting in the beginning because it seemed like Alta just couldn’t get their act together, but in the last quarter they came alive and ended up playing like their old selves, winning the game in the last 33 seconds. Everyone was on their feet cheering at the top of their lungs. We couldn’t help but feel a little bad for Bingham because they played their hearts out too, but were so happy that Paul was again on a state championship team. It was 11:30 before I got home. Stan and Harold were both still waiting up for me – with a surprise. Stan said my “two boyfriends” had gone out shopping while I was away. I couldn’t figure out what they had bought and looked all over. Finally Harold said, “feel this!” and rubbed the bed. Then I knew. They had bought me a heated mattress pad. It was totally unexpected, but I couldn’t wait to get ready and crawl into bed. It was heaven!! Thank you!!!
Sunday, November 23, 2008: Another eventful (or uneventful) week. We have enjoyed having Stan here and have been able to do a few things like going out for breakfast and grocery shopping. Today I sang in a quartet in church and Stan came to hear me. We sang “Thanksgiving Medley,” and everyone said it sounded really good. I think Stan was proud of his little sister. I’m so thankful that I can still sing! I brought Stan home after church and we ate a little together; then I returned to Relief Society.

I Just have to send out a little Thanksgiving greeting to all our family, and tell everyone how very thankful I am for each one. What a blessing our family is to me. May we always appreciate and love and lift each other. Each one has strengths and weaknesses – that’s what makes us a family - we just love each other anyway! And remember the story of the 5 kernals of corn:

In early New England, it was customary to place 5 kernals of corn beside each plate during the Thanksgiving meal. This was a reminder of earlier and rougher times for the New England Pilgrims; times in which food was so scarce that 5 kernals of corn was the ration given each person from the common food stores. Each kernal carried a reminder:

1. Our total dependence upon God

2. Every blessing we receive carries with it an equal responsibility

3. We are not blessed just for our own comfort, but so we can be of service to others

4. Many of the greatest blessings come as a result of moments of deepest despair

5. The greatest of all our gifts is our Lord Jesus Christ. God reveals himself to us through Jesus Christ

Monday, November 17, 2008

Travel - and food!

Sunday, November 17, 2008: OK, it’s been a long week since I’ve written, but I have a good excuse!!!

We took off early Monday morning, Nov. 10th for Portland. Harold likes to go early – and we did! It’s a long boring road between Orem, Utah and Grants Pass, Oregon. We took turns driving and were grateful for the dry roads with only a few sprinkles here and there. When we neared Medford, I phoned Trina, she reached Dane and we all met at a Mexican restaurant in Rogue River for dinner. They brought Brett along, but the girls were both working, so we didn’t get to see them. We had a good visit, and were so glad to see them even if it was for just a short while. We stayed at Yolonda’s in Grants Pass Monday night, and it was so good to lay our heads down on a bed!

Tuesday we drove over to Cave Junction. It poured most of the day, and I remembered that November usually has lots of dreary rain. That little town holds both fond and fearsome memories for me! We went first to Justin & Heather’s and by some miracle found Justin at home and Heather soon came. They are doing well in many ways - Heather is working and Justin is happy. He has the parasites back, and I gave him some suggestions for curing them. Justin is always going about doing good and not getting paid for anything. Bless them both! We then went to see Doug & Florence. I feel so sorry for Doug. He is trying to cure his cancer, but it is really painful. It seems to be all gone on the left side and the huge crusty mass on the right side seems to be lifting a little. Say a prayer for him. We ate at Taylor’s Sausage and bought some jerky and linguisa. Very good as usual!

We slept at Yolonda’s again Tues. night and left early Wednesday morning for Portland. We arrived about noon, but Stan was busy with Dennis, so we stopped at a Costco to look around. Anyway, we ate dinner with Stan and then drove to Donna’s. Thursday we had a meeting with some of the Calaroga people at 11 with Stan. We walked around outside also. It was clearing a little and seemed good to get out. For lunch we drove to the Cadillac CafĂ© and met Dennis, Rebecca and Chuck. We had a good lunch, but things are a little strained and strange. It is as if Stan is trying to include us into his circle of friends rather than breaking away from them. We said good-bye and returned to Donna’s to spend the evening with them. Harold tried to fix her washer, but decided a repairman had better be called.

Friday, we left early, scooped up Stan and headed for home. The weather was mild and sunny and the drive quite pleasant. At Sherry’s, as usual, we were welcomed warmly with a delicious dinner waiting. I love that girl and her family! After a wonderful sleep, we again ate a marvelous meal with all her family. They are just so cute and sweet! The girls begged long enough that the Christmas tree was dragged out, assembled and decorated. Sherry later told me they went ahead and decorated the whole house. I wish someone would do that for me! We didn’t leave until about 10:30 because it was so hard to leave the happy scene, but we knew we needed to get going. When we reached Barbara’s, she had a wonderful little lunch prepared and we visited and visited and visited. Too long, in fact, because it put us even later. It was good, though. Then we drove on to Shirleen and Don’s where again she had made a wonderful meal of meatloaf and creamed peas and potatoes. It was so good. I can tell I am getting fatter! After a good visit there, we went on to Lola’s, visited some more, and then at her kind invitation, we each found a bed and crashed. Harold and Stan were just too tired to go on! Sunday we drove home and arrived in time to unload, take a shower and make it to Relief Society! It is good to be home!!!!

Today I got the laundry done, took Stan to the bank and bought groceries at Macey’s. Then while he napped, Harold & I went to Costco. Actually (although I know it is hard to believe that grocery shopping can be such an exciting event) it was a fun, relaxing day. Now I have caught up my journal, done up the dishes, and even played a game on the computer. I heard from Lisa that Julia’s shower was a hit and she got tons of stuff – good for her! Sorry to miss the fun!

So – there are the life and adventures of Mother, Grama ‘Cele and Nacele. Not anything earth shattering, just pressing forward with a perfect brightness of hope!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

We have enjoyed getting out house together and are beginning to feel somewhat settled (except that we have no furniture yet, but it will come) We have enjoyed watching a football game or two with Dar & Brad and are so proud of the effort the boys make and what good players they are. WE also had a great weekend with some of the grandkids here, visited at Barbara's and helped in her yard, had a fun time with Sherry's family down from Idaho along with some of our Utah kids and grandkids. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren are so-o-o great!
Saturday, Nov. 9: Today was a busy and very special day for us as well as some others. First of all, we took all our “stuff” down to the commodity share. The Spanish people were there scooping up all they could carry. We also put out a box and a bag of food for the scouting food drive which was in emergency because the food bank is almost empty. Then, we were privileged to attend the endowment session and sealing for the Finch’s, to whom we have taught the temple classes. They were sealed on their 61st wedding anniversary! They had lots of family there with them, and they all thanked us with tearful eyes for our help in getting them to the temple. (I really don’t feel like we have done much, but with the Lord’s help anything is possible.) They are the last of the siblings to get their endowments and now the whole family is sealed. It was just so cute to see them: so short, so crippled, yet so radiant. Evelyn was in a wheelchair and Jay was tottering along with the help of family. When they were sealed, they sat across the alter from each other – Jay on a chair and Evelyn in the wheelchair, with their hands so crippled that they could hardly hold hands. As the sealer talked with them, the spirit was so strong. He told them that there were ancestors present who were so joyful at their sealing. He also said that angels had been attending them and those who helped prepare them for the temple. He testified that the Lord had been waiting for them to come to His house and that His presence was among us there. I can add my testimony to that because there really was a powerful spirit in the room. What a blessing it has been for us to be able to teach these temple lessons, and I know that we have gained more than anyone else. Somehow, I just felt so powerful there in the temple. I know Heavenly Father is in charge and I really felt peaceful about our family’s problems and all the turmoil going on in our nation and the world.
THEN- today (Sunday) we were able to be present when Sawyer was blessed by his great-grandfather, Raymond Finch - and when we connected it all up - Raymond is a nephew of Jay Finch with whom we had just attended the temple. What a small world. They are wonderful people, and invited us to stop by their ranch down in Kingston (near St. George.) Sawyer looked so cute - I'm sure Julia will post photos on her blog. We leave early tomorrow on a trip to Portland to pick up Stan for a visit, and will stop in Idaho on our way back. We send lots of love and happy greetings to all!