Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Sunday Dec. 21: I started in baking and preparing for bingo. I had choir practice at 11:30 and church at noon. I sang in a double mixed quartet and the choir did 2 numbers, one of which I directed the congregation on. I think everything went over pretty well. We decided to go home after Sacrament and get ready for bingo, and I really took most of the time to finish preparing. I thought I was ready, but I kept thinking of "things." We had chili, cornbread, veggie platter and drinks. Then I had made 2 kinds of cookies and cinnamon rolls. Everyone didn’t come at once, but everyone CAME! It was wonderful to see everyone and so good to be together. Some still have some sad feelings, but I hope each one has some special memory of the occasion. We played bingo and each one was so appreciative of the silly little gifts I had for them. After "THE" Christmas story and some sweet thoughts from Dar, I sent them all off with jerky and shalalie roll and little gifts. Congratulations on Lexi for getting a great job, to Zac for his winning spirit in wrestling, and to Curtis for the wonderful Christmas spirit he showed. I really love my family and wish I could see them every day! Dec. 22: We hurried out early in the morning to go to Savers and get our car inspected, but it started snowing right at 9 am and we really got dumped! We just came back home and enjoyed the day watching the snow fall. It was a beautiful snow with big flakes falling thick and piling quickly up in the yard. It let up about 2 pm so we both went out and shoveled for a while. It was a very wet snow – a good one for snow men and snow forts, but there was no one around to build them. One neighbor cleared the sidewalks with their 4-wheeler snow plow and another one came by and helped with his snow blower. We must have had 10”, so we really have big drifts now from the shoveling. Right now I am really enjoying snow!

DEC. 24: After some packing and errend-running, we took off for Jon’s. The roads were good and we arrived in good time. Jon had gotten home before Lisa and had the house all in order, he had added some rammed earth decorations, candles lit, and Christmas music playing. He also had set up the baby room - even to hanging up baby clothes in the closet. I love that boy!! Ty and Lisa soon came along with Christopher, Brittia, Jordyn, and Lisa’s 2 sisters and their husbands/partners and Cailyn. Lisa brought home a huge lot of food from her work, so we all ate until we were stuffed. Then we each opened a present and had some Christmas stories – including THE story. It was good! All our family stayed over night, so it was good to be together. It started raining, so we knew it was snowy up north.

CHRISTMAS: We all slept in late, then Harold and I made a huge breakfast casserole. We opened presents while it was baking and then ate until we were stuffed again. We just relaxed, watched some basketball on TV, and ate some more. It rained much of the day, and as we talked with family, we found out that it was really snowing other places in Utah and Idaho. And there was jerky and shalalie rolls all around! Good Christmas! I surely love my family!!

Dec. 26: We slept in again, washed bedding and then loaded up and headed for home. The snow had left the roads icy and snowy a lot of the time, so we just went slow. We met Tyson on the way and brought up a game for Josh from him. We arrived home to find that we had only gotten about 2” of snow here, and were happy for that. Other places around really got dumped on. Jon came up also, but Lisa stayed behind. Her back is still giving her some grief. Harold & I opened our gifts after we got home, and I think he was really pleased with his gifts. And I got a wonderful gift from Lola – the book, The Life and Adventures of Santa Clause, which is the book mother read and got my name from. It is published in 1902, has the family names in it, and I will treasure it always.

This image is of some of Jon's decorations - candle holders he made from rammed earth - I want some!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wed., Nov. 26: We packed up and headed for St George and the sunshine. The first problem was that there wasn’t any sunshine that day or the day after – only lots of rain! I wished Lexi was with us, but it didn’t work out for her.

Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 27: We slept in a little, but were soon busy with preparing dinner. Lisa had been down with back problems, so that left me with most of the fixing to do. I did my best, but I know it probably wasn’t my best effort. We did enjoy each other’s company, though. Besides Harold, Stan & I and Tyson, Lisa’s two sisters, a husband, a male friend, and cute little Caylin were there. It was a good crowd and we had a relaxing time. We even got to watch 2 movies while we were there.

Nov. 28: More sun today, and Harold & I did a little shopping. Mostly too crowded to enjoy it, though. Jon & Lisa had a shock – they got their credit card bill and someone had stolen their identity and charged some ridiculous stuff on it - $7500 worth! They had bought a bunch of games and taken all the gang to dinner several times – big tippers like $200 or $150 each time! So they spent the day on the phone and the internet and being interviewed by the police. It seems that everything is going to be OK and they won’t have to pay. The charges were all in California; some on the same dates that Jon was charging here in Utah. It surely makes a hassle, though!

Nov. 29: It was a beautiful day, but we had to pack up and head for home again. I hated to leave Lisa and Jon with their problems, but there really isn’t anything I could do anyway. We stopped in Cedar to see our cousin, Marilyn and drove through Kingston to see where Dallas’ grandparents live. It was a nice change, and we still arrived home in time for Stan to watch USC win their game.

Sunday, Nov. 30: We started off the day with a good breakfast. I had choir at 11:30 and then our meetings starting at 1. In the evening we taught our temple class again. It is so good to do that. I love getting to know people and giving the lessons!

Dec. 1: Well, here we are to December! I don’t feel ready for Christmas at all, but I am determined that I am going to enjoy it and feel the spirit – I’ve been missing it for a few years. I already have all my snowmen out and some other decorations and am anxious to finish. Then I have to work on some shopping. We actually got up early and went to Wal-Mart and the grocery store. Then later in the day we went to the mall and found Stan a U of U T-shirt that he wanted. He was so pleased. We then went looking for furniture again. In the evening, we had a wonderful lesson (our last) with 2 of our couples. It was so sweet and spiritual and I feel so privileged to have this calling!

I'm not a very good blogger, but will keep trying. In the meantime, YOU GO, YOU BLOGGERS & I'LL KEEP READING!!!