Monday, June 29, 2009

Flowers in our front bed and one of our flower barrels on the patio into which we installed automatic irrigation tubes - yeah! no more hand watering!!!

Two little chubby robins perch on a stump.

This is how our garden grows!

Sweet babies hanging out together

Christopher, Brittia & Jordyn all dressed in Sunday best!

Julia & Darren - how cute they are!

The "new" family - so sweet and happy!

Weekend at St George for Miriam's blessing. Beautiful weather and company!

One day recently while flood watering the back yard, 2 wild ducks sailed in, landed and began swimming about in the water. They stayed for about 2 hours enjoying the shade and digging for bugs. It was an event we'll remember for a long time.

Mother's Day 2009 with Ty, Dar, & Lexi and a new bird feeder that was one of their gifts. Thanks, kids!!!

This was just before Brittney & Dallas left for New Jersey. We all went to church together. It was great!