Sunday, June 15, 2008

Welcome, welcome, Sabbath Morning!!

First of all, Happy Father’s Day to all you wonderful dads! Keep on doing your best and know our families are always in our prayers (and names in the temple).

How can each moment be so busy??? This has been a busy few days as usual. Last Friday, the 6th we took Stan up to the Hansen cousins luncheon in Ogden, and then he went home with Lola for a few days. On our way home, we stopped in Centerville and Harold cut a tree for one of Curtis’ neighbors. It was quite a sight to see him fell the huge pine, laying it perfectly along the fence line without touching any buildings, fences or property. I heaved a sigh of relief when it was over!

On Saturday, we attended my 50th class reunion – what a kick – how can that be – I should still be a teenager – not with all those old people! Then Sunday we attended an early ward and then headed for St. George. We had some great bbq hamburgers with Jon & Lisa, she had a girl’s camp meeting, and then the guys watched the bb game. We stayed until Thursday, attending Tuacahn on Monday & Tuesday nights with Don & Shirleen. It was wonderful as usual. It relaxed us so much that we slept in until after 10:30 on Monday morning – a virtual impossibility for us! On Wed. evening, we visited with Ty and Chris at their house and enjoyed a taste of their bbq chicken and lots of watermelon. They seem to be busy, but doing OK. After we arrived home on Thursday, we hit the ground running and have been running ever since!

Right now we are madly packing getting ready to leave for Portland early in the morning. I hope to be back in about 10 days, because then we have to get ready for company from Australia!! We are really excited to see Jessie and Teal, but really need a little break to prepare for their visit. They are a woman and daughter from a family we came to love in Australia, and stayed with some of their family in NZ. I just wanted to have the house and yard looking nice before they get here – well it isn’t wonderful, but it is better than it was! I think it will take us a year or 2 to get things back to normal. Our company may even be at our house before we arrive home, depending upon how long it takes us to clean out Stan’s apartment, have a huge porch sale, and get him settled into a temporary assisted living there. I WILL BE SO HAPPY TO HAVE THIS CHAPTER COMPLETED!

The plans are that we will bring his paintings, sculptures, and anything that will fit that might be of interest to the family back to Utah with us. Then we will bring the things that he won’t want to keep to the family reunion on JULY 12th, so – ANYONE WHO WANTS ANY PAINTINGS OR OTHER THINGS NEEDS TO LET ME KNOW, and I will keep them for you. After we return, I’ll try to get a list up to send to you, so you will know more specifics. Jon & Lisa can use a painting or two and Sherry & Dan (who have been to visit him and know his paintings) will have a specific one that they have requested. Let me know ASAP – thanks!!

Well, as usual, we have missed some more great events – Paul’s birthday, Christy’s shower, ect, ect., but please know that our thoughts are there even if we can’t be! I guess that’s all for this busy week – and now on to the next one. I feel like I’m on a treadmill, but I’m sure I’ll get off soon! Carry on, and stay happy, healthy, humble, and hopeful!