Monday, August 18, 2008


Sometimes life makes you crazy. This is one of those times! I feel as though we haven’t even had any summer with so much traveling. 4 trips to Oregon since the end of January are about 3 too many! And we aren’t through yet!

I just can’t seem to even keep up with communication with my kids and grandkids. Our church callings are really busy ones, too, and that doesn’t help (except to bring us blessings, which isn’t too bad.) We taught 2 temple classes last week and have another this week besides we have to speak in the 6th ward on Sunday with the High Counselor. We also are supposed to be going visiting new move-ins, and aren’t getting it done very well.

Then there is the house – yes this old house is getting some work done in it. The bathroom turned out really great (and I’ll post photos as soon as I learn how.) The insurance company came through and we have fixed the wall and ceiling where the water damaged it in the basement, and decided to do some wall work while we were at it. Next project is the worst one – replacing all the and sub-floor and floor that was damaged. I can’t think about that yet. It means I have to unload the china hutch. Aiiiiiyyyyyy!

Of course in the middle of it all, the plum tree is spreading forth it’s prolific branches laden with ripe plums. And this is what’s really making me plum crazy. I have done 8 batches of that delicious jam and will do a couple more before I say, “Enough!” I should have some to share with family, anyway. I think a good pruning is in order before next year.

While enjoying the Olympics, it has been brought home to me again what a difference one degree or one second can make. So many events have been won or lost by such a small margin. Water is hot at 211 degrees, but it doesn’t boil until it reaches 212 – just one degree more. Think how exact the instruments on airplanes have to be because only one degree off course could cause a catastrophe. I hope that we can all take a look at our lives and make adjustments if there is something that is just one degree off. One degree now can make a mile of difference down the road. Let’s don’t let one degree keep us from reaching our goals and being together as a family eternally.

Next time – maybe photos!