Friday, May 15, 2009

Sunday, May 31, 2009
Just wanted to send a Memorial Day - week greeting. Hope you all had a restful or exciting holiday. We just hung around here except that we made a trip to Boungiful for a BBQ on Monday at Curtis'. Lots of things going on in the family, and I think of each of you every day. Dar is doing training; Paul is graduating; Lisa is back at work after Miriam's birth; Jayna & Tyler have sold their house and bought another; Glory is getting to run a marathon in Logan; Mercedes is coming to see us tomorrow (YEAH!); Sherry & Dan & family have their house up for sale and Sherry is back working; Curt & Kallie are getting ready for their marriage celebration; Lexi & Jeff are planning their marriage; Dane has just written a computer program that will save his company big bucks; and, I'm sure lots of other dazzling news from other family members. I did try to make contact with some this weekend, but I guess everyone was just having fun - GOOD!!

We are still doing some yard work, but it has gotten easier, so that is good. I really want to enjoy SOME of the summer! I am still mostly feeling good, but still have some tired days that I just can't do much. Life goes on, though. I have to tell you a fun thing that happened: we were flood-irrigating for the first time last week when 2 wild ducks swooped down and landed in the water in the back yard! They swam around, dug up some bugs or worms, and just rested in the shade for a couple of hours. Then they were gone. Never had that happen before. Life is full of surprises!

I know everyone is busy, but I'd love an update when anyone has time. Stay happy, healthy, helpful and hopeful