Thursday, August 20, 2009

Temple Square

Well, here we are with the cute babies. I really think they love each other. They just reach for each other and watch each other. How FUN!! It was a great outing!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

American Idol!!!!

Just too many amazing cats!

Not your typical kitty, kitty, kitty cats!

The Cat Park in CJ

We went through the Cat World in CJ and really learned a lot about cats. The handler was amazing.

Ride through the treetops

We took the tram up through the giant redwoods and felt as though we were at the top of the world. If the coast had been clear, we could have seen out over the ocean.

Oregon wildflowers

No trip would be complete without photos of wildflowers - and they are always abundant in Oregon. I love flowers!

Enjoy carefully - Sacred Ground

Chainsaw carvings in the Redwoods

There were so many wonderful wooden carvings, that we had a hard time seeing them all, but all were marvelous and brought back lots of memories for Mr. Hart!

Trees of Mystery in the Redwoods of California

We enjoyed ourselves among the giants - including Paul Bunyon and friends as well as the Redwoods. AMAZING!

Reunion for the Harts

Hart Family reunion July 5-12 with lots of swimming, hiking, racing, climbing, and including Summer Bingo which is one of the highlights.

Oasis in the desert near Denio

A refreshing break at a little-known oasis in the desert near Denio - you can camp, swim, shower - and find a $25,000 opal if you're lucky. With many opal mines around, two people can pay $500 and get a 3-yard scoop off the wall. You then have all day to sort through the material and keep whatever you find. You can also pay $75 and go through the tailings. Sounds like fun - and maybe profitable - anyone want to go digging in the desert?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On to beautiful Oregon!

On to beautiful Oregon coast where we stayed to enjoy July 4th fireworks, the ships, kites, a car show, and wildlife (a baby seal is waiting for his mother to return from feeding)